Our vision

The MAC-Q speakers are designed with composing beautiful towers in mind.

To achieve this, all speakers have been given the same sleek design. Many different combinations are possible. Do you want rather large towers with 18” SUBS, 15” MIDS and a TOP or do you prefer a more compact tower that consists only of 12”speakers?

Compile them according to your own wishes and expand when deemed necessary.

At MAC-Q, we envision the use of passive speakers, without having to carry around extra filters. That is why we started making speakers with built-in filters. We also use high-quality drivers for creating a sound that is very pleasent to listen to.

Obviously, sound is very important when talking about speakers, but there is more... We also wanted to have speakers that are nice to look at. Therefore, we've build all of our speakers in the same modern design and we even made a horn with the same look.

To go together with our speakers, we offer some accessories, with more to come.

Our products

Our range consists of different types and sizes of passive speakers, in one sleek design.

We also offer various accessories for your audio equipment.

Where to buy

Want to become a MAC-Q seller? Feel free to contact us!